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Linda Donkers,

I am a passionate Kundalini Yoga teacher from Antwerp, I live in Deurne with my dog and have always international people living under my roof. I love organising travels,

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    Class description: Kundalini Yoga les

    Ideaal om te ontspannen, terug in je kracht te komen na of tijdens een burn-out, depressie dmv ademhalingsoefeningen, specifieke oefeningen, mantra's, mudra's en meditatie.
    Workshop description: Workshop for courage to open your heart, to connect and balance within. We will practise Kundalini Yoga techniques such as breathe, specific exercices, chanting mantra's and meditation for selflove.
    Workshop description: You will practise Kundalini Yoga techniques to detox your physical body, your mental bodies and to flow your energetic bodies. Tips and tricks how to keep yourself in balance and healthy.
    Class description: Classes for beginners and advanced students
    Age: 14-99
    balancing, self-healing, awareness , connecting with your inner teacher, specific exercices, mantra's, mudra's, meditation
    Business yoga or yoga@work to prevent burn-out ,illness, to focus better, to relax and to keep your employees happy, healthy and holy!
    Kundalini Yoga oefeningen, ademhalingsoefeningen en meditaties vanop de stoel voor iedereen die wat minder beweeglijk/lenig is.