The Belgian Federation of Kundalini Yoga has a polis with Ethias 07/010-45.252.097 (FR - NL

The insurance covers the activities of the Federation for members (who have paid their membership fees) and students (who paid 5 euros for the year - starting Jan 1st).

This includes:

Civil liability (CL): material compensation and/or compensation for personal injury linked to yoga activities

In case of personal injury must be an accident report.

The insurance comes from the time when this is recognized by the mutual and for a maximum period of 3 years.

Permanent disability and death benefits.

It also acts on the way: the home and back to the course.

It is up to teachers to declare their students and set the fee of 5 euros to the Federation per student per year. The federation then reverse Ethias.


For more info, read the document describing the risk covered FR - NL 

or contact Jagjeet Prakash Kaur